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Every year, the DC Lambda Squares' Harvest Festival Hoedown raffles off a number of large prize baskets. It generates extra revenue for the fly-in, almost as much as dancer registrations themselves, and the event would run in the red if it wasn't for this extra income.

Interestingly, not every basket is claimed after the winning numbers are drawn. I suppose some people might have left early and didn't have the opportunity to check their numbers or claim the basket. Perhaps they were simply giving money to the club to support the event and didn't really care about winning anything in particular. Perhaps they won but decided against the basket itself as a version of buyer's remorse.

In any case, there were two baskets unclaimed and at last night's club night, we raffled them off again to the dancers at our annual holiday party. And I won one of them.

It's an eclectic basket. There were three serving bowls made from warming & shaping vinyl LP records, some luggage tags, a pack of holiday cards which have wildflower seeds embedded in the paper for future planting, two pairs of cufflinks and a number of York peppermint patties (the hoedown was held in York, PA, so the patties are part of our running theme).

This morning, I attempted to unwrap the package. I wasn't not entirely successful.


Yes, the designer of the basket didn't want anything to shift in transit, so all items are tapped down with heavy but transparent industrial tape. I couldn't just unwrap the packaging: I had to cut the basket out of it. And then each individual cuff link, luggage tag, bowl and card had to be separately pried from the basket and wrapping, and each other. Even the peppermint patties had to be carefully cut away from the rest of the basket, sometimes unsuccessfully: the foil packaging would tear more easily than the tape. Given the number of foil failures, I had to eat several of the mints. It was challenging, but it was a sacrifice I had to make. You're welcome.

In all, I needed wirecutters, an exacto knife and a pair of scissors to free all of the items from their glittering cellphane prison. It shouldn't be this hard.


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Dec. 17th, 2016 03:42 pm (UTC)
Somebody is due for a visit from the Packaging Police.¹

I'll admit it took me a moment to get past this:

serving bowls made from warming & shaping vinyl LP records

¹The one and only dreaded agency in my fantasy-prospective benevolent dictatorship.
Dec. 17th, 2016 05:59 pm (UTC)
This sounds more like a calculated plan than an accident.
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