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Damage Control

The initial shock of the election results has largely faded for me, so now it's time to take some action on limiting the coming damage.

The GOP has attempted for years to remove all federal spending for women's health. To counter this, I've been donating monthly to Planned Parenthood, and you can too!

The young are most vulnerable, lacking adult legal status to own their own lives and lacking resources to protect themselves from the whims of the powerful. I'm donating to Supporting and Mentoring Youth Advocates and Leaders (SMYAL) in DC.

There are going to be a lot of hungry people in the coming years. Please donate food, money or your time to your local food bank. In my area, it's the Capital Area Food Bank.

The president-elect is a self-proclaimed sexual predator. Please donate to the rape crisis support line/support center in your area. In the DC area, I'm donating to the DC Rape Crisis Center.

The white supremicist & alt-right hate campaigns which supported the new administration need to be watched carefully. I'm donating to the Southern Poverty Law Center to monitor and report on hate crimes.

The GOP's track record of voter suppression should not go unchallenged. Hate crimes must be prosecuted, existing laws & regulations need to be followed, conflicts of interest should be exposed and corruption needs to be shown for what it is. I'm donating to the ACLU to fund court actions to preserve the Constitution.

Mourn for the future as long as you need, but taking action will help you as you help others.