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Transitions, Part II

In various telephone calls today with people at our San Francisco mothership, I have learned that two more senior staff from our Car Service division in Secaucus, NJ, have left the firm. By default, my team is now caring for their servers & services, although at this moment, I don't even have login credentials for most of their machines, not to mention an inventory. This is a sad and dangerous situation.

On the good side, my boss is going through the formality of interviewing a candidate for the recently departed Car Service director. It's a guy that the boss has already worked with, and with whom I worked with on a recent visit to California. If we can make him an offer, I will be a very, very happy camper.

In a vastly bigger bit of news, the board of directors has approved a budget of $1.2 million for support & upgrades of our data center facilities. At long last, we have approval to proceed with the hardware refresh in the data center where I work, after nearly a year of false starts. The boss is making some calls to confirm numbers and then we start pushing out the purchase orders, probably before the end of this week. My October is going to be very, very busy but it will be doing the work I love.



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Sep. 19th, 2016 08:58 pm (UTC)
See, they really do love you. They waited until after your return from your first extended vacation to push through the work on upgrading your data center. How sweet.
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